Dance Alive

with Ellen, Gretchen, & Friends

7:30–9:00 p.m. (will resume in the fall)

Dance Alive is a chance to express yourself through creative movement as you connect with the energy of the rhythmic pulsations of the music. You’ll feel the liquid movement of energy and this flowing prana will move you! Sacred dance is a true integration of body, mind and spirit, and a path to experience expansive feelings of freedom and pleasure. Connection to the divine, a deep sense of freedom and openness, and feelings of inner and outer aliveness are just some of the benefits! Drummers, bring your drums! No previous experience or special talents are necessary! All are welcome—all you need is a willing mind and an open heart. If you are curious but unsure, please come as you are and just sit back and bask in the amazing energy that will be filling the room. You don’t need to “DO” anything, just “BE” there and feel the rhythm. Dates vary.