Healing Heart Yoga—Yoga from the Inside Out

with Nell Corry

Sundays 4:00–5:30 p.m. (Through May 26)

Gentle, soothing yoga to calm, focus, and energize. Healing Heart Yoga is designed to release stress and tension at the cellular level, from the inside out.Keeping awareness  in the heart center, we combine gentle movements, meditation, breathing, vibration and resonance, calming the bodymind, and allowing deep relaxation and healing. As we slow down and give ourselves permission to do less, we experience a sense of safety and self-acceptance that keeps us in the present moment, supporting growth and healing from deep within. This class includes energy work and healing power of sound. It is a gentle, nurturing practice suitable for everyone, including those who are recovering from illness, injury, stress, life crisis, grief or exhaustion. Beginners and seasoned practitioners are welcome, as well as anyone else who wants deep relaxation and a gentle fun way to release stress and connect with your inner peace.